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Let’s Learn

  • Early literacy
  • Pre-writing/ writing
  • Beginning phonics
  • Early reading comprehension
  • Comprehensive board games

While visiting the “learn” classroom, the children will be introduced to beginning phonics, pre-writing, writing, and early literacy. We use a hands on approach to learning by using different multi-sensory techniques to teach the children important early childhood academics. By using these different techniques, the children are more engaged and interested, which will enable them to learn without the pressure or boredom that comes with some methods of teaching.

During our gathering time the children will hear stories, songs and finger plays. They will interact with their teachers and peers by participating in different real world topics. They will experience early literacy by recognizing the parts of a book, learning how to forecast a story, and seeing words in print. We will engage the children in writing by offering them unique ways to practice grip and build muscle strength in their hands.

Our pre-kindergarten program proudly features the Readiness & Writing and the Language & Literacy curriculum by Handwriting Without Tears.