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MU Preschool reopen on 1th June

Murrieta University Family: 

The staff at Murrieta University Preschool  will do everything necessary to keep your child safe and healthy. As with any illness, you could potentially be exposed to COVID 19. We are doing everything possible to minimize the risk to the children. School hours will be 7 AM-5:30 PM until further notice. 

  You will be required to stay home for the 14 day period if you have recently traveled. We will take temperatures of all children, parents and teachers entering the building prior to drop off.  Children and teachers may not attend with any temperature over 100.4. There must not be any symptoms of respiratory illness including coughing, shortness of breath or sore throat. Your child may not return to school until there is no fever for 48 hours without fever reducer medication. Regular sick policies will also still apply. 

Upon arrival you will find a sanitizing station outside the front door. You can also use the cleaner to clean the keypad if you choose. When you come into the building we will take your child’s temperature. You may then use your new QR CODE to do touch free sign in. There will also be a questionnaire for you to answer when signing in. 

All lunches need to be in a disposable bag with disposable items in them ie. no lunch boxes, plastic containers, etc. Use paper bags and sandwich bags until further notice. Label with all bags with names. We will also be using all disposable items until further notice. 

No water bottles or cups until further notice. We will use disposable cups.

We will be cleaning any toys used immediately. We will also clean frequently touched items frequently. We will not be doing any sensory or group projects that require the children to all touch the same non-washable items. We may add or delete policies as it becomes necessary. 

We are asking for the children to not wear masks. They have a tendency to touch them and play with them which encourages them to touch their face, nose and mouth which defeats the purpose of the mask. Children also require more carbon dioxide and oxygen to breathe adequately and masks could interfere with this. 

FROM THE CDC: Caution: you may need to reconsider the use of cloth face coverings if:

Situations in which children should not wear a mask include:  

  • Children under the age of 2 years, due to risks of suffocation.  
  • If the only face covering available is a possible choking or strangulation hazard.  
  • If the child has difficulty breathing with the face covering or is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the cover without assistance.   
  • If wearing the face covering causes the child to increase risk of getting exposed to the virus because they are touching their face more frequently. 

As much as we would like to say the children will be social distancing, this is just not possible all the time. They will be seated spaced apart at tables and during nap time they will be spaced at least 6 feet apart. 

We are doing our best and trying to keep up with the protocols. Please be patient and we will update you as we learn of new information. 


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