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MU Forms

Enrollment Application

Interested in enrolling your child? Submit this application with your registration fee so we can get you in our system.

Enrollment Agreement

This is our complete enrollment contract with school policies (must be signed by parents).

Discipline Policy

An important part of attending preschool is learning how to get along with others. Here is our philosophy for conflict resolution and the policies by which he handle discipline incidents.

Media Release

We value the privacy of our families and are committed to obtaining expressed written consent for the use of photos or videos of your child on our website, social media pages, and promotional materials.

CA State Licensing Forms

California School Immunization Record

This record is part of the student's permanent record (cumulative folder) as defined in Section 49068 of the Education Code and shall transfer with that record. Local health departments shall have access to this record in schools, child care facilities, and family day care homes.

LIC 700

Identification and Emergency Information Child Care Centers/Family Child Care Homes​

LIC 701

Physician’s Report—Child Care Centers (Child’s Pre-Admission Health Evaluation)

LIC 702

Child’s Preadmission Health History—Parent’s Report

LIC 613A

Personal Rights—Child Care Centers

LIC 627

Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment—Child Care Centers or Family Child Care Homes

LIC 995

Child Care Center—Notification of Parents’ Rights

LIC 9221

Parent Consent for Administration of Medications and Medication Chart